The board not on sale in surfshop.

This Model is a suggestion for the surfing athlete, if you spend most of your day in the water and can surf any condition on very small boards, Blackbunny will challenge you to improve your balance and clean up your lines.

Basically is a training board,not for contests, its main feature is to be very narrow,under 18'' range; very thin,with a low entry rocker and sharp edges. In small windswell will challenge you in finding good lines and keeping the energies flowing, the legs will be the main source of power. In hollow surf*6 feet @ 20sec* the take off it's steep,late most of the time airborne, a good training for big wave riding and paddling...

The reward for all the work it takes to catch a wave is the performance of the board:fast,super tight turn's radius, deep barrels surfing. Today,the biggest waves are ridden on the smallest boards