Let's try to shape a difficult board to ride. it was a joke , it turned to be a fun one... Very Short, Very Thick, Very Narrow, Very Flat with a Pintail Parrot Nose and a Wale Tail.......

Again we had in mind a training board, specially for legs workout and balance: the abundant volume all the way to the rail, 3'', requires a lot of pressure from the legs to work properly; The Wale Tale was designed to keep a lot of volume under the back foot and have the functionality of a thin tail,this configuration has been working very well for aerial maneuver in very small and weak surf and still holding in critical top turn in juicy waves.

The dress does not make the monk, even if it has a fishy look it is very narrow and short, this makes the board very maneuverable, fast with a super tight turn's radius. A country template was used to draw it.

To make it difficult is good way to improve, a good way to train for paddling is to surf in a 6/4 mm wetsuit,after a few months if you surf in board-short ...you will feel the training, it will feel like flip flop after wearing tight boots. The same applies for narrow/wide boards and balance.